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Europe In Ruins is a unique multiplayer-only persistency mod for Company of Heroes, utilizing a stand-alone launcher application, that gives you command of your own company as you take them from fresh recruits to battle-hardened veterans. Set during the period of Operation OVERLORD (beginning 06 June 1944), Europe In Ruins offers persistent cross-battle XP, hundreds of doctrine selections, and an ongoing PvP warmap campaign. Decide which of 12 battlefield doctrines to follow, then customize your company by selecting from a range of units and upgrades available. Build your company one unit at a time by purchasing them with Manpower, Munitions, and Fuel resources, and then take your company into battle against other players across a wide variety of maps and game modes. Battles are fought over the ongoing warmap campaign, as both Axis and Allied forces fight for control of Europe!

Europe In Ruins has an active and dedicated playerbase, with players located all across the globe and games available daily. The development team is also hard at work on the mod, with updates patched and posted regularly.


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Mod of the Year 2007 Mod Hall of Fame 2007 Most Innovative Multiplayer nominee 2008